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Mobile ID Reimagined

Over the past eight years, I have been fortunate to hear countless stories of how Crossmatch mobile biometric solutions supported mission-critical activities in-theater, on the beat and along the border. It is quite gratifying to know that what you and your colleagues do on a daily basis is making a difference helping to protect and improve lives.

At Crossmatch we have a storied reputation for designing, producing and fielding some of the most effective and reliable livescan and mobile fingerprinting solutions for the law enforcement, defense and homeland security markets.

Everyday details that speak volumes

It would be easy to write about the hundreds of persons-of-interest and known or suspected terrorists that were identified and taken into custody through the use of the SEEK multimodal biometric handheld. How latent prints from IEDs (improvised explosive devices) were loaded into onboard watchlists and then searched for matches during routine identity checks in the field. Or how seemingly routine questioning during a traffic stop on Interstate 95 raised suspicions, leading to a rapid mobile identity check with the Verifier Mw and confirmation of an outstanding warrant.

But the stories and comments our product managers and engineers latch on to are far less captivating on the surface. They are the backstories to the stories, and typically come to light through a lot of Q and A.  What were the sequence of events and environmental conditions that surrounded the biometric capture? What was the state of the subject’s hands – dirty, wet, dry? How does the officer transport, deploy and utilize the biometric device? Do officers routinely wear gloves? Are mobile fingerprinting devices shared? What is the mobile communications architecture?

Reimagining Mobile ID is the culmination of all of these questions and answers. Crossmatch listened to law enforcement leaders, officers and IT managers about the challenges they are facing today. It is no surprise that working more efficiently, doing more with fewer resources and being budget conscience are primary concerns, among others.

Thinking outside the box

With this in mind, we set out to develop a Mobile ID solution that could address these challenges and leverage existing infrastructure investments in communications and computing capabilities, support additional workflows and not break the bank.

If an agency was utilizing a smart device for eCitation processing for example, could the same smart device support a Mobile ID app and fingerprint reader? And could that reader then also be used to enhance the efficiency and irrefutability of the citation process?

The solution could not fall victim to changing smartphone and device design every two years. It had to be mobile and flexible enough to be utilized across multiple device platforms with ease, while also being easily replaced in the unlikely event of damage. This ruled out single-use, sled or sleeve-style configurations, and bulky USB reader technologies.

Reimagining Mobile ID

A reimagined approach to Mobile ID needed to meet the Crossmatch reputation for performance. That called for a FAP 30 PIV certified sensor, ensuring superior identity assurance with fewer required images over existing FAP 10 and 20 devices on the market. Image capture had to be quick and reliable, with no degradation in image quality even in direct sunlight – this ruled out various optical technologies.

In addition to the above requirements, the solution had to be delivered in a remarkably compact form that could be transported in a pocket. It had to be configurable for easy one-handed use for optimal officer safety and be priced within the limitations of law enforcement budgets.

Our approach addressed all these concerns. Welcome the NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader utilizing Crossmatch capacitive thin-film transistor (TFT) technology. Offered as a standalone single fingerprint capture device or as part of a portfolio, NOMAD is Mobile ID reimagined.

Contact our team for a personal demonstration or see it at these upcoming events:

NEC AFIS Internet Conference – Reston, VA
Military Police Expo – Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Federal Identity Forum and Exposition – Tampa, FL
International Association of Chiefs of Police – Orlando, FL

As marketing lead for Crossmatch, John is actively involved in championing identity management and biometrics technology solutions. His involvement and fascination with leveraging technology to address unique business challenges began earlier in his career, as Product Manager for GE’s Imagination Breakthrough innovation, VeriWise, a satellite-based asset intelligence and tracking solution for the transportation industry. He later went on to run sales and marketing for Vectronix, Inc., a subsidiary of a Switzerland-based producer of electro-optic and north-finding devices for military and law enforcement applications. John currently serves on the Board of the International Biometrics & Identity Association (IBIA).

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