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Cybersecurity Commission: Biometrics Needed for Strong Authentication

On Tuesday, the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity held a listening session to hear from Silicon Valley CTOs and CISOs on how to enhance our national cybersecurity stance. Tom Donilon, the former National Security Advisor and Commission chair, led a lively discussion with the CISO of Slack, the CISO of Dropbox, the CTO of HyTrust and the CTO of Facebook.

Part of the discussion focused on the use of biometrics to enhance cybersecurity. The panelists agreed that biometrics are the most secure and reliable form of authentication. They encouraged the Commission to promote their use in both government and in private sector cybersecurity applications.

The panel cited a changing culture around the use of biometrics fed by the use of fingerprints on phones. As a breakthrough of convenience and usability, it has encouraged wide scale use. In the future, panelists predicted that biometrics could replace not only passwords, but also identity documents, bank cards and other less secure forms of authentication.

Leading the Way for Biometrics in Cybersecurity

Crossmatch is already making this future of biometric-centered authentication a reality. As an industry leader in the use of biometrics for cybersecurity, Crossmatch provides the strong authentication platforms necessary to keep information safe. This technology builds on the work of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which frequently cites the distinct advantages of biometrics as a privacy-enhancing cybersecurity tool.

As the Commission prepares its recommendations, the momentum behind biometrics as a standard for authentication continues to grow. While there is still policy work to be done to take full advantage of biometrically-enabled cybersecurity at the national level, the technological and cultural groundwork has already been laid.

Ben Ball is the Government Market Director at Crossmatch, where he oversees market intelligence and strategic outreach to government customers around the world. A ten year veteran of the Federal government, Ben was a Foreign Service Officer and worked in the Department of Homeland Security.

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