We can’t wait until we’re 21!

Crossmatch Official 20th Anniversary LogoThis month marks 20 years in business for Crossmatch. From the humble roots of a garage in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida for Cross Check Technologies (the name later changing to Cross Match), to a university thesis presentation for DigitalPersona, the collective founders of our business had the vision back in 1996 to see the evolving market needs and the engineering savvy to bring those solutions to life. We have achieved so much in our 20 years, we can’t wait for our 21st birthday!

Building on 20 Years of Innovation

Today, as one business, Crossmatch continues to proudly build on and expand that legacy as an innovator in high-security biometric identity management and authentication technology solutions. Our solutions mitigate a wide range of identity-related risks for organizations of all sizes. Our DigitalPersona authentication solutions protect and secure network and application access for millions of enterprise users on a daily basis. We strengthen logical access security while simplifying its deployment, use and administration. Our Guardian ten-print scanners stand vigilant at national borders around the world, supporting homeland security efforts and aiding in the efficient processing of refugees and asylum seekers. And our L Scan palm scanners deliver the highest quality images so law enforcement can identify individuals, solve crimes and protect our communities and citizens.

The list of use cases is long, but they all have one thing in common – solving the identity management challenge for our customers. It’s why at Crossmatch we like to say, “the world identifies with us.”

Cross Match acquired and merged operations with DigitalPersona in 2014 and now conducts business as Crossmatch.

As marketing lead for Crossmatch, John is actively involved in championing identity management and biometrics technology solutions. His involvement and fascination with leveraging technology to address unique business challenges began earlier in his career, as Product Manager for GE’s Imagination Breakthrough innovation, VeriWise, a satellite-based asset intelligence and tracking solution for the transportation industry. He later went on to run sales and marketing for Vectronix, Inc., a subsidiary of a Switzerland-based producer of electro-optic and north-finding devices for military and law enforcement applications. John currently serves on the Board of the International Biometrics & Identity Association (IBIA).

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