Reimagining Mobile Fingerprinting

Mobility continues to push the boundaries of biometric technology. The US military created the mobile biometrics market and drove its evolution for over a decade. Solving the challenge of biometric capture and matching in remote and often punishing physical environments spurred innovations which rippled across the entire industry.

Now that its incubation period is complete, mobile fingerprinting is ready to take the next step forward.

At next week’s Global Identity Summit, Crossmatch will unveil a new technology which expands the promise of mobile fingerprinting to a far broader set of use cases and applications. The new Crossmatch FAP60 Thin Film Transistor (TFT) sensor fulfills the true promise of mobile fingerprinting by offering a handheld, pocket-size collection device which connects wirelessly to any computing platform.

This FAP60 sensor represents a fundamental change in mobile fingerprinting. Up to this point, users had to choose between bulky devices designed for fixed stations or all-in-one mobile devices which provided more functionality than the average non-military user required.

This technology allows a completely new approach – one in which users can piece together the features and functionality they want. The phones, tablets and laptop computers already used in the field are the core processing platform, with the solution integrated through an easy-to-use app which ingests data from fingerprint devices, iris scanners, document readers or any other data collection mechanism.

The flexibility of this new solution is significant for both users and the industry. Freed from the cables which tether devices to fixed stations and bulky prisms which inhibit mobility, this new sensor makes truly mobile fingerprinting available across the full spectrum of use cases. Our mobile customers have long sought more flexibility and a mobile solution which will easily integrate with their existing computing platforms. This sensor makes that a possibility for the first time.

Crossmatch is thrilled to introduce this new technology at the Global Identity Summit. Come visit our booth or request additional information here.

As marketing lead for Crossmatch, John is actively involved in championing identity management and biometrics technology solutions. His involvement and fascination with leveraging technology to address unique business challenges began earlier in his career, as Product Manager for GE’s Imagination Breakthrough innovation, VeriWise, a satellite-based asset intelligence and tracking solution for the transportation industry. He later went on to run sales and marketing for Vectronix, Inc., a subsidiary of a Switzerland-based producer of electro-optic and north-finding devices for military and law enforcement applications. John currently serves on the Board of the International Biometrics & Identity Association (IBIA).

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